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The Right Age for Care

Dr. Allai and his team believe there is a benefit of early treatment for certain orthodontic problems. We routinely see patients between the ages of 7-10 to monitor their growth and development; however we only intervene when necessary. We think that by monitoring the development of our younger patient’s smiles we are more successful in treating them. Orthodontics should be age appropriate to each specific patient.

Teenagers comprise the majority of patients in most orthodontic practices. We pride ourselves on our ability to get our adolescent patients excited and motivated about their orthodontic treatment. We have a young and energetic staff (and doctor!) and we find that we can take our job very seriously without always having to be so serious with our patients! We understand that the teenagers have concerns with how they look and feel about their treatment. We offer different aesthetic options for teenagers such as traditional silver braces that can be decorated with colored rubber bands, clear brackets and in some instances, Invisalign teen treatment.

Dr. Allai and his team routinely work with adults. One of the many misconceptions out there is that many people think orthodontics is only for kids and teens. We are now able to treat adults with highly aesthetic orthodontic appliances such as our crystal clear Radiance bracket and Invisalign. With new advances in bracket and archwire technology we are also able to spread out appointment intervals to every 8-10 weeks in many instances. While adult treatment is often more complex, we feel that improving one’s smile is beneficial at any age.

We extract fewer teeth than most orthodontists. We will do everything possible to avoid permanent tooth extraction. We practice strictly non-extraction philosophy and less than 5% of our patients require extractions.

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